Grab a pint 🍺, or a coffee ☕ and have a seat.

I have some things that I’d like to talk about.

On February 10th 2022 my very best friend and closest confidant, Ivan Pandev, died. We often talked about that time, much later in life, when we would be curmudgeons together. He was a damn good, but unknown, musician. I always wanted to write. I dabbled, but let life and fear get in the way.

I will be dealing with his loss for years to come. He was always trying to get me to write. Now, I write.

About this publication

This publication is about me, about what I think, what I feel, what hurts, what heals. I don’t know of any other way to do this. I can’t claim expertise in any area, not even my own experiences.

At fifty-three years old, I finally feel mature enough. That’s not true. The first lie…

I finally feel like there is now little enough time left that I need to act, to get my act together, to get my thoughts out. It is inconsequential how many people read them, but for my continued existence, they need to be expunged. I can only make sense of them and the world if I write them down on public paper.

It may or may not help you, but in the end, my only hope is that none of what I write leaves you indifferent.

Disclaimer: I expect that this publication to change and adapt to my whims as they surface. Bear with me. There is a master plan here, somewhere.

Keep on Thinking Free.

About Me

Really short version

I am a writer, web developer, educator and all around ordinary person. I grew up in and around Montreal, mostly staying out of trouble. Mostly. I’ve been putting more time into writing as I see that there is less time ahead than has been wasted behind. KOTF.

Professional Journey in bullet form

  • ➡️ Degree in English Literature

  • ➡️ Teach EFL in South Korea

  • ➡️ Teach Math and English to students with learning disabilities in a non-profit learning centre

  • ➡️ Teach Math and English in High School

  • ➡️ Attend a web development Bootcamp 🤯

  • ➡️ Start a career as a Frontend Developer (AppDirect, Smooch, Zendesk)

  • ➡️ Back to the bootcamp, to redo, revamp and teach future developers

  • ➡️ Return to being a full-time web developer (Upgrade)

  • Write!

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I like to write about writing, creativity, and friendship. You're welcome to stop by anytime! I'm also gearing up for the serialization of my first novel right here on Substack: Mandolin Dreams.